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Due to extended periods of waiting times and follow-ups with the public health care, many, like yourself have experienced poor attention to detail to a current ache or pain that is preventing you from moving well or being able to follow your desired sport or fitness regime.
This can be often associated with the poor programme individualisation and lack of acknowledgement that you have outside of the treatment room such as having a family, a busy job and daily schedule that makes it impossible to spare time to do the bog-standard rehabilitation exercises..


In many cases, other practitioners tend to focus only on the injury they are presented with. Although this can be a quick and effective method of treating an injury, it fails to acknowledge the underlying cause for the injury and contributing factors that affect injury recovery and performance improvement.
The endless pattern of not addressing these underlying causes, reinjury, frustration, demotivation and ultimately, losing the passion for exercising regularly because of pain is seen all too often.
We understand what it is like to be in this frustrating situation, that is why we aim to provide a new standard of care to you the recreational health and fitness enthusiast. This enables you to not only learn about the reasons why you are limited in your ability to exercise pain-free, but also provide you with the ongoing support and guidance to rehabilitate a new or existing injury and improve your current performance..


We combine both sports therapy and strength and conditioning practices to provide a more comprehensive approach to treating your injuries and improving your overall performance.
Your initial consultation will include a comprehensive assessment of your injury or training history, your lifestyle and commitments and the leading events to why you first approached us. From here, a comprehensive screening of global movement quality and localised assessment is carried out to understand the contributing factors to your injury or plateau in training.
Following your consultation, our therapist will use all the information gathered to create a programme that is individual to your specific needs, ability level, your equipment and the ability to fit it in within your by schedule to consistantly follow. This is will lead to you getting back to what you love doing and moving more and training more, pain-free


The services provided by Made to Move can suit a wide range of clientele, from fitness enthusiasts looking to achieve a specific performance goal to those that suffer from daily aches and pains caused by poor posture and repetitive tasks such as prolonged desk work and manual handling.

Our latest service of corporate physical well-being addresses the need for physical health from working from home. The associated aches and pains from a poor set up, poor posture and sedentary characteristics can lead to tight and weak muscles that if left untreated can manifest to prolonged injury, poor productivity and increased levels of sick leave and sick pay.

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