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Sports Massage

For those people who regularly participate in sport, fitness, repetitive work-related stress can benefit from a regular sports massage incorporated into a training programme to help maintain and improve muscle tone, flexibility and range of motion which can reduce the chances of injury and promote recovery. Here at Made to Move, we use a variety of massage techniques for deep tissue release, soft tissue mobilisation, myofascial release, and advanced stretching techniques.

Injury Assessment

Regular participation in sport and exercise can sometimes have a detrimental effect on health in the form of injury. The effects that such injuries have on an individual’s health can be relatively minor, with only a short period of rest needed. Whereas some cases, a rigorous rehabilitation process may need to be followed. Our injury assessments aim to uncover not only the symptoms you are presented with but also contributing factors to your injury to not only recover but educate you to prevent this from occurring again..

Movement Screening

At Made to Move, we use multiple types of movement screens to assess your performance through a range of tasks. Paired with the isolated injury assessment as previously mentioned, our use of movement screens aims to identify the fundamental movement patterns that contribute to injuries alongside poor exercise performance. The benefit of using this not only allows your therapist to individualise your programme to rehabilitate an injury but also provide interventions to improve your performance in the gym, on the field or on the road.

Gait Analysis

Having a gait analysis done can be an excellent way to identify altered walking or running mechanics to help reduce pain or improve your ability to breakdown the cycles of each step. It will pick up on issues with your stride, unusual head, or arm position, landing and lifting off patterns that can contribute to upper and lower body injuries, aches or pains..

Return to sport interventions

Injuries are common within sport and exercise. After an injury, there are various factors to consider prior to you returning to sport. It has been suggested that returning to sport should be viewed as a continuum, alongside recovery and rehabilitation. Following a progressive rehabilitation programme, our therapists will discuss the adequate progression to ensure that your return to sport or exercise intensity is at a safe pace whilst limiting the possibility or re-injury.

Posture analysis & correction

Body posture inside and outside of sport and exercise can contribute to injury and decreased performance. However, posture can be understood to impact technique and increase injury risk due to unwanted stress on joints and muscle surrounding these joints. At Made to Move, our therapist will take you through a comprehensive screening process whether you are or not injured to understand how your posture impacts your movement and allow you to maximise your movement quality whilst limiting future injury.

Work based rehabilitation

The stress from repetitive movement such as working at a desk or for tradesman that can spend over 6 hours doing the same bit of repetitive tasks can eventually take a toll on the body. With this, these individuals will be taking on more stress than a typical athlete would and as such, may impact their usual activities at home or work that can contribute to time away from work and lead to less productivity. Our programmes and therapists account for your work tasks, availability, and ability to provide a holistic approach to ensure that you get back on track to be able to fulfil your work role whilst preventing future injuries from arising.

Running biomechanics analysis and coaching

A biomechanical running analysis is an in-depth breakdown of the way in which you run. Our assessment offers a holistic biomechanical analysis of running, combining gait analysis, physiotherapy analysis and functional movement analysis. The aims of the analysis are to maximise your strengths and identify any deficiencies within your technique, with a view to create a bespoke programme that will improve strength, increase flexibility, improve performance, reduce pain, and reduce the risk injury.

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Made to Move have helped me many time times with persistent ankle and shoulder pain when exercising. After a brief mobility test, a sports massage and a 4 week strengthening program, I have seen these aches and pains completely disappear. Amazing service at a very reasonable price.
Thank you!


They have been fantastic throughout this lockdown, allowing me to continue training by supplying me with training programs I can do at home, highly recommend to anyone!


Made to move really helped me over the lockdown period with one to one coaching via video.
Rory really is great at his job and has helped me move better and become pain free in a long term Achilles injury.
Highly recommend to anyone at reasonable price and professional help.
Thank you!