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We are currently open and safely operating in line with the COVID-19 regulations.

Our online coaching service utilises a short- and long-term exercising programming to improve your current performance and movement quality or to rehabilitate and manage your injury via exercise prescription based on your holistic needs.

This is based on a developing a deep understanding of your physical activity, sport, occupation, availability to add value and direction to allow you to reach your true training or movement potential.

Anyone can utilise any of our programmes that consists of a comprehensive consultation and individualised programming to achieve your required goal. This includes those who do not take part in regular physical activity and are looking to improve movement quality, rehabilitate an ache or pain or get better within their chosen sport.

We believe this should be accessible for all and many of our services such as injury assessment, rehabilitation and exercise prescription can be done virtually. In turn, this enables you to reach your desired rehabilitation of an ache, pain or injury. But also, improve your current fitness levels in your chosen sport, gym class or fitness regime.

Our individualised approach gives you the reassurance that all your goals, abilities and availability to participate is highlighted. We focus on understanding and then developing how well you move and perform, not just your injury.

We focus on understanding and then developing the areas the need more development whilst building upon your strengths to ensure that you continue to progress in more than one area.

Our integrated model provides an entire approach to health, fitness, and performance that assures you get the care you need from injury back to sports participation.

Our application and web based programme includes ongoing support via notes, videocalls and chat feature to ensure that you have the support throughout your journey with us.

Made to Move Online Coaching


* Video call Consultation & Functional Movement
* Screen/Fitness Testing
* 12-week Programme to specific goals
* Weekly video call/live session

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Made to move have really helped me over the lockdown period with one to one coaching via video chat. Rory really is great at his job and has helped me move better and become pain free in a long term Achilles injury. Highly recommend to anyone at reasonable price and professional help. Thank you! – Maggie

During lockdown I decided to take up running and developed sciatica. Rory developed a rehab programme for me and took me through the exercises over a number of online sessions. Within a few weeks the sciatica had disappeared. It was at that point that my shoulder/rotator cuff injury resurfaced so another programme was written and more online sessions and great advice are getting me back on track to lifting/pressing/burpeeing like the good old days! Would 100% recommend Rory. – Charlie

I came to made to move in early may due to ongoing problems with my neck and shoulder. This issue was preventing me from exercising and the pain was causing daily issues with simple tasks. Rory was able to identify the issue straight away and gave me a program which showed improvement within only a couple of weeks. This was a absolute life saver especially as I was located in south east Asia and I was unable to get any help due to the current situation. The programme was clear and easy to flow and within 2 months I feel nearly back to full fitness.- Jack

Had an old injury flare up in lockdown and got in touch with Rory. Full assessment through zoom followed by an easy to follow programme that as helped massively with easing the injury. 5 stars and will definitely use again. Thank you – Helene